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Off to Caulifornia
Time: 4:45am. 30 minutes before Sara picks me up to take me to the airport.

RING! ... Hello? "Just wanted to let you know i'm on my way in about 3 minutes" Okay! I'm Here! "Bye!" Bye!

This is one of the first times.. that i've let somebody take me to the airport and pick me up. I wouldn't have thought of it, I'm normally so !#$#$ independent, however, somebody wanted to borrow the truck while I was gone. Turns out there's a TON of people who would LOVE to drop me off/pick me up at the airport. It feels nice to be loved.

Also thinking.. Sara R. is a person who's grown up here all her life. I've made a decision to stay here till circucmstances dictate otherwise. I might know this person for a long time. That thought makes me happy. Everybody needs a loud-mouthed cowgirl lioness sister who calls you "darlin' ". *grins*

Tobe and I didn't hook up.. i guess i'll have to mail his video card to him when I get back.

I need to pick up some gum and possibly some earbud headphones at the airport.

The music practises went so well, i don't feel the need to take my guitar with me. One less set of things to worry about while I'm down there.

I'm going to MISS my kitten-babies. The little doofuses.. ruffians. Fuzzy Wuzzy little Twubbies. *sniff* They are so much a part of me here. Sitting here, I just did a "I close my eyes" exchange with Samantha. There are no words to fully describe how much I love 'em, even if they are brats.

While i'm out there, i'll be in the San Francisco Bay area... Cupertino to be exact. Visiting HP scale labs to do some capacity tests of the software that my team writes. Technical details: we've got like 5 DL580's, 1 DL760, and 6 DL360's at our disposal.. probably going to end up segmenting a database across two of the DL360's, and scaling out 4 or 5 of the DL580's, that should provide a full load. Will need the rest of the horsepower to drive the clients, from what I've seen. We tried to do some testing here in Ames, but quickly ran into network limitations... needed Gigabit. Might still hit gigabit problems, if my gut feel calculations are correct. DL360=2x2.8Ghz; DL580=4x2.8Ghz; DL760=8x2.0Ghz; all have like 1-2 Meg of ram per proc.

When I get there, going to spend time thru Monday night getting set up for the tests.. finishing off creating users, loading software, modifying test scripts till they work, etc. Hopefully by tuesday will be running tests.. And the big thing I'm after is, to be able to do the testing in 8-hour days, leaving me time open to go to meetings / visit with friends while i'm out there. And maybe even get some sightseeing. Or plan some NWN at night. *hint*

Okay. Ciao. Have full 'net access while i'm out there, so its not like I won't be connected to y'all. *love*

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Woohoo! HAVE FUN! eheh Send postcards to the kitties! They'll love it. And to me, too! ;)

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