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.... i have nothing to say really.
I'm an excited bunny with wiggly toes.

*thinking about peppermint* .. yes, wiggly toes.

No, what really is going on.

I am.. going to see.. my girlfriend and meet her family.. for thanksgiving. But I don't like the term "girlfriend". It sounds so... teenagy. My pastor and I were talking about this earlier... its like.. "partner intended" would be a better phrase. Because darn straight, I'm at an age where I want to settle down and be part of a family. And she seems to be thinking the same types of things... *grin* actually, she's on the headset with me on skype as I type this. *grin* wait till she reads this.

Other than that.. what's up? Well, my schedule is changing. I'm having to make more "be present" time, and I like that. I'm feeling so much more focused on what I spend energy on and what I do not. And my relationships with people are so much improving.. i can be my totally loving gushy self a lot more now that I'm anchored with somebody.



Btw.. she's a TOOLS TOOLS TOOLS kind of babe. And she likes to fix shit. And she likes black.
And i'm a feely weely weely guy. And a "lets be present" guy. And I like to fold laundry and stuff.

Yep. I like her. *shittin' grin*

So.. yeah. Life is good. No.. life is GREAT.
20 "good" pushups in 60 seconds
33 "good" crunches in 60 seconds


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And it's that stuff part that she really likes.

I am so glad that you found some one that fits you and you fit her and now it's time to see if you and her together still fit her family! Scary stuff but I know you'll be your charming self and disarm the completely. I am very happy to see you be so happy!

One thing, though:

Hold your horses! Being THE GIRLFRIEND is the best part! It's fun, there's not too much responsibility involved, you get to tell all your best jokes to THE BOYFRIEND for the first time, and he is on his best behavior because you are THE GIRLFRIEND. Later, when you're the FIANCEE, there's all this wedding stuff and expectation stuff and is this THE ONE? stuff hanging over your head. Then after that, you're THE WIFE. It's a natural progression from new-ness to familiarity but it's a rough one. Then you're THE MOM and you get even less snuggles and presents and "just because" back rubs than you did when you were just THE WIFE. Sure you've got your babies and your husband, but it's a complicated and exhausting kind of love you're circulating around. So cherish the term "Girlfriend". You'll both miss her when she's gone.

*hugs* Thank you :) Shared from the heart.

I'm with Gina. Enjoy The Girlfriend. :)

So when did all this come about?

She'd know the exact date and stuff, but my reckoning is, I asked her out like 2 months before our birthdays? (our birthdays are 20 days apart). And.. we both seem to be people who communicate very well, and we've been communicatin', and ... now I'm typing this from her house. She has a nice family. A little crazy, but not too crazy, y'know?
So, as she and I have said a lot, "holy shit.", etc.

No..she doesn't know the exact date that you ASKED.
She does know the date of the first email.
She is such the goober.

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