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i will not watch tv tonight                 oh come on, just one show
i will not watch tv tonight                 i wonder what Samantha Carter is up to tonight
i will not watch tv tonight                i wonder how many shows got recorded tonight?
i will not watch tv tonight                  its only 10:29.  You have time for one show before midnight
i will not watch tv tonight                  you can get more sleep on saturday
HAH! I can watch it on saturday         no you can't you have to get ready for your trip
Then, i can't sleep on saturday         sure you can!  besides, the remote is just 2 feet away
No, i really need my sleep                   nah, you'll be restless and toss and turn and come back here anyway to watch it


But I did set it to not-delete-anything, didn't I. 
So.. i could watch everything 2 weeks from now, when i have that monday off. 
                                                     But you'll be 28 episodes behind on SG1 by then!  No way you can watch that in a day!
                                                     might as well take the edge of now, eh? 

Or, i could go to sleep now and wake up extra early and watch it then
                                             Feh, that will never work.  You'll rather sleep. 

Why not sleep now? 
                                     Because its GOOD NOW!
Ah. Is this, "I want what I want when I want it"? 

Screw it.  I'm going to sleep. *takes the batteries out of the remotes*.  Tivo is useless without the remote, thank goodness.  
I'm putting the remote in the freezer for now. 


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