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Things I want to do in Guildwars
I'm backdating this, so if you find this entry, then man, you were either waaaay behind in reading your friends list, or... I don't know what.

Really from July 2005 or so.

Things I want to do in Guildwars

- Try the Balthazaar's Spirit+Mending thing
- Go looking for other AoE monk spells/etc to see how well we can do for mass damage to a circle

- Try using barb+fire traps during a lure
- lightning reflexes stack with other "hard to hit" things combined with double traps?
- Holy Damage + Barrage combo vs Undead
- Holy Damage + burning arrows vs Undead
- in PVP arenas:
- crippling + hunter + poison for warrior shutdown
- distrupting + choking gas for caster shutdown

- bring a character up using the fastleveling approach. Monk/Mesmer?

- build a warrior monk, go running to Droknar's, do it for free.

- Ascension stuff
- Fissure of Woe


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