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quick update
Haven't had time to read LJFriends for several days now, i think. Sowwy, but them's the breaks.

Guildwars is going good. Monkeyboy Blowslappy, R/Mo level 8 post-sear. Luci is addicted, and we're keeping her company. If anybody else plays, would love to team up with you, esp. with skype.

Got some RAM from benny, will attempt upgrade of desktop machine + reformat to see if can stop flakiness, would love to play GW on that with decent resolution, refuse to spend lots of $ on it at this time. laptop is good enough, 800x600 with all visual effects off, but 1024x768 with high quality totally rocks, so there.

Produced 2 episodes of radio show, i like it, it feels honest, its posted, but i'm not going to advertise it till congregation says yes. In the process of asking them. If they say yes, the radio show is basically like, stuff happening around the church I go to. All those folks who keep wondering what its like, can finally listen to a service. Side effect of recording myself in that medium: I'm finding I have more to say in interpersonal conversations. Vocal Self Confidence ++.

Work rocks. I no longer feel guilty about my paycheck. Hoosha. Thank goodness for refactoring and Guru people whom I can turn to. Wow. We went on a 3-day deep dive through some crazy code. Could not have done it alone.

I went running, BAREFOOT! (Thanks CK). It was great. smaller, lighter gait. My knees/shins didn't hurt at all. Its like, my feet spread out wider and absorbed more shock or something.. i got a good aerobic workout, even got a stitch in my side, which I haven't had in MONTHS. Some sprinting, some jogging, some twirling, 2 miles or so, 30 minutes. I love it. The green calls to me.

I love tree-energy. Heck, i love just about all life energy, anymore.

And a note to "Urbandale Girl": Now that you've read my blog.. if you read it again. you were complaining that you were left out? Hey everybody, say hello to Urbandale Girl, who doesn't yet have an LJ account. She's been really really nice to me, even not running away when I freaked out on her, and I think she's really cool, if not just for that, but because her bouncy personality has endeared her to me. Wish her luck on her new thingy that she's about to do (purposely being vague here in case she wishes anonymity).

In answer to Urbandale Girl's question in her email: I have met most folks in my friends list in person, except perhaps for Perseph, Spiffles, Beth, and Jena -- All of whom I will give big hug to if I ever get a chance to, 'cause they are dear friendgirls to me. And Hoshi -- some day, dude. Gotta meet. CK:- i hope to see you someday as well, probably live on the UFC, if you're crazy enough for that. Rachel: someday as well, though chances are unlikely. G'luck with your poetry.

love to all, and hugs to those who need 'em. and hugs to those who don't too.

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We may not have officially met, but we were in the same place at the same time!

I'm saying hello to this Urbandale Girl person. So hello. Read Sunny's Blog, because he's a great writer,a nd is very insightful. :-)

As for the running in the bare feet... I can't agree more. I haven't really done it since last year, around the local lake/beach area, but running through the sand is just so liberating. I fondly remember being on the Outer Banks of North Carolina last year and just being thrilled with having miles of sand to stick my bare feet into. :-)

(Now of course, I bike in bare feet every night on my exercise bike, but that's not the same. :-)

My goodness! Thanks, Jena, for the props. *hugs*

lol not likely..I thought about doing that fighting thing for awhile but decided it's not worth it.

Only a very few MMA fighters make any money, and even then it's small compared to the salaries of other professional athletes. Anyway, I'm not that good and too old to start so...screwit! XD

That's a very cute li'l horsie sniffing you in that pic.
buddy of yours?

I wish. His father is a great horse, I'd love to have that one for my own. A little above my price range though, he's worth about 25k

I'm not sure that would be good, sunny. I mean, you got this awesome positive, super upbeat vibe going via LJ and the mud. When I met Michael, I assumed he was crass, crude, and vulgar from talking to him via VH... then meet him in person and he's almost Yuppie. I'd just be scared to meet you.

... Though, maybe ... maybe what happened is that you pretended to be Michael when I visited just to throw me off. You Iowans are sneaky like that.

*laugh* ...

trust me, put some illicit drugs into michael, he becomes pretty interesting to be around.

I dare say, and folks who know me in person can verify, that i'm about the same in person as I am in writing? Perhaps a little less coherent, a little more bouncy?

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